The 2023 Wimbledon tennis tournament is nearly here (July 3rd -16th), and Sports Innovation X (SIX) is excited to watch this prestigious event unfold during the coming weeks! As the world’s top tennis players gather at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, we are reminded of the dedication, skill, and passion that define the sport.

This year, the Championships will span 14 days, including the inclusion of play on the Middle Sunday for the second consecutive year. The tournament’s schedule brings forth some exciting changes, with the fourth-round singles matches spread across two days and the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ singles matches mixed through the quarter-finals. Additionally, the Gentlemen’s Doubles format has transitioned to best of three sets.

With play commencing at 11 am on all outside courts, the distinguished Centre Court will begin its matches at 1:30 pm, while No.1 Court will start at 1 pm. These staggered start times, introduced in 2021, will continue until finals weekend when Centre Court’s play commences at 2 pm. An exciting addition to this year’s finals weekend is the 11 am start time for matches on No.1 Court.

At SIX, we recognize the importance of continuous innovation and progress in sports. Just as Wimbledon evolves its schedule and format, we strive to bring cutting-edge resources and solutions to empower athletes and elevate their performance. Through our collaborative community of experts and our commitment to excellence, we aim to make a lasting impact on the world of sports.

Are you harnessing cutting-edge sports tech or athletic solutions? Let’s connect and explore how we can contribute to your journey toward greatness at!

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