Sports Innovation X (SIX) is a first of its kind sports strategic planning, marketing and consulting firm. SIX serves as a bridge between innovative technology companies and professional and collegiate athletes and sports teams. At SIX, we provide firsthand trusted relationships with university and professional sports organizations and athletes. Through these relationships, we serve as a trusted advisor and tech scout for all things sports related. This valued partnership allows us to discover and interrupt requirements, capability gaps and the needs of both teams and players. With that knowledge, we then leverage our innovative ecosystem to present the best fit solution to meet the demand.


A world in which athletes and teams perform at their very best through the empowerment of next generation technology.


To boost the overall health and performance of athletes worldwide, while increasing revenue for small businesses and sports teams.


The SIX Team

Meet some of the faces behind SIX.

DJ Dozier
Michael Weatherly
Haley Goins


We serve league leadership, teams, owners, players, associations, universities and channel partners. Services include:

Equity Play
Fan Experience & Engagement
Marketing & Sales


We partner with emerging tech firms and offer:

Strong Customer Focus During Assessment & Planning Phase
Product Education & Match Based On Customer Requirements
Opportunity Identification (Opp ID)
Warm Decision Maker Contact & Introductions
Develop, Manage & Implement Influencer Network
Marketing/PR Campaign Strategy & Alignment
Sales Growth Development Beyond Initial Sale


Human Performance

IT / Analytics

Medical Technology


Marketing and Sales


Green Energy / Facilities


The Story

SIX’s Founder Michael Weatherly started a similar business venture in early 2017 (C5BDI) in the government tech space. C5BDI has thrived and secured 400+ connections (resulting in contracts) for gov’t customers and small businesses. While identifying US Gov’t challenges and tech needs, the use case for a similar model in the sports world kept emerging. Because C5BDI focuses solely on dual use tech for gov’t purposes, the need for a similar company with a sports focus was constantly present, and thus in 2021, Sports Innovation X was born. Michael knew DJ from previous business engagements and called him right away to team up on this new venture. SIX is making major headlines in the sports tech arena and forming lasting connections for innovative small businesses in both the collegiate and professional sports world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization.



Hosted on No Filter Network. Join D.J. and Mike as they dive into the world of sports and business, leaving no topic unturned.

Decide to Dominate E15

This week’s guest: Derek Gaskill. Based on D.J. Dozier’s novel, “Decide to Dominate”, join us as we dive into the world of sports and business, leaving no topic unturned.Derek Gaskill. Derek Gaskill, a former New York Mets pitcher, brings a wealth of experience from his 14-year professional baseball career. Following his retirement from the game, Derek embarked on a new journey, transitioning into coaching. With a passion for developing young talent, Derek now dedicates his time to training baseball players across various age groups.

Decide to Dominate E14

This week’s guest: John Wilkins. Based on D.J. Dozier’s novel, “Decide to Dominate”, join us as we dive into the world of sports and business, leaving no topic unturned.John’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, overcoming the challenges of battling COVID to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. His innovative product is revolutionizing the game for athletes everywhere.

Decide to Dominate E13

This week’s guest: Jen Burdis. Based on D.J. Dozier’s novel, “Decide to Dominate”, join us as we dive into the world of sports and business, leaving no topic unturned. Jen holds certifications as an NSCA personal trainer and Precision Nutrition nutrition coach, and boasts a remarkable athletic background as a 2-time American Ninja Warrior and former Penn State volleyball player. As a performance coach, speaker, and author of “The EduNinja Mindset: 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body,” Jen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to empower individuals towards holistic health and wellness


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Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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